BAHFest is unadulterated nerd fun!

BAHFest is the Festival of Bad ad Hoc Hypotheses. It is also known as: “a celebration of well-argued, and thoroughly researched, but completely incorrect scientific theory”. Basically it's a festival where nerdy people argue for specific theories that they know are factually wrong. My favorite being that we are born with all of the knowledge we will ever have, but as babies we have no way to harness it. As we age we slowly loose our vast knowledge. Therefore teenagers have both the ability and knowledge. As we all know, teenagers know everything?
The current iteration of BAHFest was held a few weeks ago in London making it the first "International" BAHFest. BAHFest was started by Zach Weinersmith who is better know for his super geeky comic strip SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal). You can watch all of the hypotheses here on YouTube and you can read more about it here.


Dance your Ph.D winners announced...

Last week I mentioned that the "Dance your Ph.D" contest finalists had been announced and were ready to be voted on. This week the winners have been announced. Thank you to anyone who voted. There are various category winners. These categories include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Social Sciences.
You can see the winners here: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, And my Favorite: Social Science.