Fun Friday: Personalize Your Stamps

For a bit over $22 for a sheet of 20 on Zazzle, you can create your own, personalized postage stamps with your photos! (other vendor also available, see links below)  Just in time for the holiday card mail-out, consider creating your own stamp.  A festive, personal touch.  Here’s a New York Times how-to.

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Robotic Bricklayer

(It’s with some mixed feelings that I share this article found by Richard Wingfield from

In Australia, there is a robot almost ready for commercial use that can lay bricks…1000 custom-bricks per hour, according to FastBrick Robotics.  The robots name is, Hadrian X and works like this:

    “Workers load the machine with bricks. It cuts them to size and feeds them up a conveyor belt inside a long, crane-like arm. Guided by a computer design and lasers, the arm swings into place and a robotic gripper at the arm’s end precisely places each brick. The system coats the bricks in a glue-like adhesive in place of traditional mortar.

The whole system is built into a truck which can be driven up to the construction site.”  (from SingularityHub)

The video linked above is fascinating to watch.

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