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At Envision Design, we understand that technology for its own sake is not a solution. And although we are technically trained and certified, we know our job is to listen to you, come to understand  your business, and then to apply our knowledge, training, and expertise to meet your unique needs.

We apply technology to solve problems. We maintain our training and certifications with key partners like AppleBarracuda NetworksMicrosoftUbiquity Networks, Synology, & JAMF  to assure our clients access to some of the best business solutions available today. 

We’re not just “IT people” or “break-and-fix guys”. We’re idea people and business consultants with an expertise in Apple systems and technology integration. We will help ease your anxieties, eliminate your frustrations, and solve your problems. If there’s an issue, we figure it out. If there’s an opportunity, we help you jump on it. 

And when you need us – whenever, for whatever reason – we’re there. 

Which Clients are best suited for our Partner Plan Services?

Our Partner Plan subscription based  Technology Consulting Services are designed to help limit down time, to keep your systems running smoothly, to provide you with a strategic technology budget, and to give you piece of mind that you can spend your time on your business rather than on IT issues.

What would you like from your technology?

Would you like an easy way to assure that everyone on your team has the technology tools they need to get work done?


Would you be more profitable and productive if your technology was managed and monitored in a way that could anticipate issues and avoid downtime for you and your team?


Is it important that your business data and systems are secure and only accessible by the people and companies YOU have allowed access

What is the current state of your technology?

Do you sometimes feel as if your technology is working against you rather than for you?


Do you worry that your backup systems may not be adequate to keep your business running during normal computer system failures and/or disasters like fire, theft, or hurricanes?


Do you find it increasingly difficult to assure that everyone on your team has the proper tools to do their job without having to be an “IT” expert as well?

Still unsrue if Partner plan services are right for you? Take our Survey here to help you decide.

Partner Plans

Partner Plans

what IS included…

… All support and maintenance as required to keep the enrolled systems operating normally

… Consulting for new purchases or projects

Consulting and planning for custom workflow development and templates

… Quarterly technology systems reviews

… Technology budgeting and planning

… Setup and configuration new devices that are replacing a working, configured, existing enrolled devices with new similar hardware

… Support for remote client staff

… A minimum of one, on-site,  in person visit per month for clients within a 60 mile radius of Houston (additional on-site visits as needed or agreed upon)

… Coordination with third-party vendors (eg hardware and software suppliers as well as internet and other hosting providers) 

… Access shared, cloud-based ticketing and support system 

… Access to cloud based accounting system provided by Envision for reviewing and paying invoices, reviewing and approving estimates, reviewing and paying reimbursable expenses

… Access to cloud based collaboration system and associated apps as appropriate for project and file collaboration with Envision

… After hours remote, unattended software updates and maintenance

what is NOT included…

… Client requested work after hours, emergency, or on holidays (will be billed separately at rates noted in consulting agreement)

… Installation, configuration, setup, and deployment of NEW systems or services 

(- this work will be estimated and approved prior to commencement of work - new devices and service enrollments will be added to next months billing - all servers (including existing servers to be replaced or upgraded )

… Office moves and relocations

… Disaster recovery from fire, theft, and other major building issues and problems or from natural disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.

… Mail server or mail provider migrations

… Replacement of existing hardware when more than 20% of the devices enrolled are being replaced in a single month

… Support for remote networks 

… Support for non staff users ( users not shown as employees of the client company)

… Custom software development

Creation of custom templates, modified software, workflows, automations, and business processes and procedures  

… Pickup and delivery services

… Any time spent by Envision Design employees correcting, repairing, troubleshooting, rebuilding, or otherwise addressing problems caused by changes made to The Client’s systems by anyone other than an Envision Design employee

Partner Plan PLUS

… available as additional premium service only to PP clients with a minimum of $2,250 of monthly subscription services

benefits include

… 1 hour  of emergency or after hours service per month (holidays not included) (does not accrue)

Priority for all support and service request over non PLUS clients

4 hour response time for all support request - 7 days a week between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM