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Project based Service

Choose this plan if ...

• You have a new project or deployment you need help with.

• You are a small office and have not yet established a plan and budget for your technology infrastructure, but are ready to get started on a specific project now.


Partner Plan

Partner Plan Service

Choose this plan if...

• Your technology has become an integral part of your business operations and you are committed to keeping it current, reliable, and working for you.

• You would like to partner with us to help you assure your technology is managed, monitored, and secured.

• You prefer to have a known quantity for your monthly technology consulting budget.

Primary Service Offerings as part of our Partner Plan Subscription Service

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backup + disaster recovery

Your data and your business are at risk without a multi-tiered backup and recovery plan. Envision will help you put redundant systems in place to keep your business running even when the unexpected happens.

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cyber security

Envision will help you mange your IT security needs. From network and email security to data encryption and password management, Envision has you covered.


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private cloud server

Own your data and collaborate in the cloud.

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Office 365

Providing full Office 365 subscription service.

voip phone systems

Business class voice over iP communications.

Collaboration and communications are key to the profitability and productivity of your business. From managing your private cloud server, to full Office 365 subscriptions, to VoIP phone systems and more, we will help you and your team work seamlessly together.

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device management

Envision will help you manage all your company devices. We can help you with a range of management options from enforcing consistent versions of your business applications, to keeping your devices and network secure with the latest updates, to remotely wiping lost or stolen devices.


hardware monitoring

Envision will monitor your network and computer systems to proactively identify potential issues before they become major problems. We will be notified if a user is not backing up, if a server is reaching capacity,orif your network is down,and proactively respond often before you even know there is an issue.